Sunday, September 12, 2010

Segway tour of Mt Dora

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Our friends David and Sommer suggested we take a Segway Tour of Mount Dora to mix things up a bit. David needed to pick his Segway up, so it was really killing two birds with one stone. But we love Segway, so we're game. Mount Dora is a picturesque old Florida village on a scenic lake sort of North of Orlando. There's not really a mountain, but it is a little hilly with elevations up to about 200 feet. In Florida, that's dating something!

For, Jim a Segway is like flying.  After being in water, he's happiest on a Segway.

The Segway shop is in what must have been a former bookstore. Because the shop facade is made up of reliefs of book spines and covers. There's even a Disney connection because Mr. Toad is above the main door frame.

The tour itself requires about a 15 minute safety speech and Segway test drive for each person. Then we leave the shop and head around town. First we visit the park and light house for a little scenery and off-roaring experience, then we go through some dirt trails and a narrow(!) boardwalk along the shore and over a little bit of wooded swamp. The boardwalk was a little risky because it's not much wider than the Segways and has some sharp turns, but we were fine.

Then, we went through some of the older neighborhoods with Victorian B&Bs and shore front houses. I don't have too many photos because the Segway really needs two hands, but it's easy to go back later with your car or just for a stroll. About 90 minutes after we left we came nvm to the shop and sadly turned our Segways in.

This was our 5th time on a Segway. We've done the Epcot tour twice and California Adventure once. We also rented two units once in Monterey for 4 hours and got to go on our own. That was the best! The Mount Dora tour is about $50, which is very reasonable, and it's an easy 55 minute drive from Disney. There are plenty of antique shops, ice cream and coffee ships, and good restaurants to make it a fun way to spend half a day. We had lunch at the Goblin Market which had great hamburgers, but also many wonderful salads and sandwiches in an old tsp story house and garden converted to a restaurant.

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Susan Yates said...

Glad you posted the photos and the links. Goblin Market--what a beautiful place to have lunch. I want the segway store front for a wall in my school's library.