Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Day, New Friends, New Food

We woke up to the a very placid sunrise view from our room. This makes getting up early all worth while (but tries to lure me to the pool rather than the park).

We had drinks, then dinner last night with Kim and Eric and Katie and Leslie at Jiko. I'm glad we ordered one each of all desserts rather than one each of all the wine, but I did my part to help 4 people finish 3 bottles!!

Chocolate Block by Boekenhoutskloopf wasn't on the wine list, but they still had bottles in the house. Everyone who tried it really enjoyed it so that made me happy. We also had a swaartland white table wine which was refreshing but with a bitter end, and a pinot noir whose origin in South Africa escapes me.

We were similarly adventurous with appetizers. Nearly one each on the list to share for the table - plus two cheese plates which had Kim and Katie purring quite contentedly. When it come to the entree, we were all pretty much in synch - 5 Kenyan short ribs, one filet and mac, and Jim did his blend an appetizer thing for his entree.

Darleen, our server, was very patient and humorous with us. I would request her again in a heart beat.

Today, we are taking Katie at her word that she wants to open Epcot. We'll be there, but will Katie & Leslie? Hmmm. . .

Tonight, it's Victoria & Albert for dinner. Then, the remainder of our meals are very tiny and reasonable by comparison. (Good thing, too, because I started having visions of Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" at last night's dinner table!! Don't worry - we respected the food and wine (actually, more like worshiped and adored.)


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