Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch at Sanaa

Sanaa is the newest restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas. It primarily serves the DVC wing at Kidani Village. We had lunch planned for 1:05 yesterday, but weren't ready to leave the park yet so blew off the ressie. Then, after Kim and Eric showed us around Kidani Village, we were all really hungry and decided to have lunch there together. We got in about 2:30 and left at 4:00.

The flavors are Indian Ocean, featuring blends of the Indian subcontinent and East Africa/South African coast. My favorite blends

Most Disney menues switched on September 22 so things look a little different than from the published menus in the interent, but most items were there.

Jim started off with pomegranite Lemonade, his new favorite refresher drink. By the way, Disney has standardized the drink menu across all the resorts. Very sad. Even the portfolio is the same in each place. So much for vaunted theming and uniqueness. But, the food and service are still good.

Then, he had a tomato soup with paneer cheese, which he loved. He said it was a tomato soup like no other and it didn't matter that it was a hot day. This stuff was tasty in any season. His main course as a salad sampler, because he was being sensible, you see? :) The sampler is a choice of three salads. He chose a mango mix, a beet mix, and a carrot salad. He loved each of them.

We both split a bread basket, which is a choice of three breads and three choices. We chose Naan, Paratha, and Roti. The sauces were a tamarind chutney (yummy), raita (always my favorite) and a mango chutney (for Jim). I ended up blending the tamarind chutney with the raita for what I considered to be a perfect sauce.

I chose the lamb kefta for my entree - about 8 oz of ground lamb flavored with endian spices and grilled, served over tomato, onion, and minted greens with raita, all on top of Naan. Awesome. Truly Awesome.

Kim had the same thing, and Eric chose the Chicken tandoori, which was basically the same thing except in tandoori spices and served with basmati on the side. The lamb kefta was new to the menu, and I hope it stays.

We were full, but were tempted by dessert. Kim wanted the cordamom butter bread, which was just taken off the menu - so we ended up being desertless. That's OK. It's Disney - desserts abound.

Sanaa is another new favorite, along with the Wave. Disney dining is only getting better in my book!!

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