Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday - General Convention and Urgent Care

Jim and I got moving surprisingly quickly on Saturday, so we decided to check out General Convention to see what's happening. Once we found our way in (like many Episcopal churches, not obvious, unless you know), we discovered all the hoopla that surrounds the third largest convention in the United States (only the Democratic and Republican parties hold larger conventions than the Episcopal church - yet our Convention represents only 2.4 million people, so theoretically, we're more representative than the parties).

All we really wanted to do was to scope out the exhibition floor. For a $15 day pass, we had the privilege of shopping and purchasing. You know how small the Episcopal church is when you every time you move 20 feet, you bump into someone you know. It's all fun, though, and we caught up with some old friends we haven't seen in awhile. We'll be back Sunday for the Convention Eucharist.

As we left Convention, we came across 3 scraggly Fred Phelps protesters announcing that we were all going to Hell. I took a picture, and someone commented that they'll pose wiht you if you go up to them. Nah - I'll pass.

However, as we left, it became very obvious that my sore throat was going to be an extreme problematic. I asked at the front desk if there was an urgent care near by. They recommended the MinuteClinic inside a CVS but gave me the wrong number. The MinuteClinic website said they accept insurance if you call to get pre-approval. I called my carrier, and was told to call back on Monday (?) ! Then, I checked my carrier's website and discovered that they recommen Concentra Urgent Care for walk-in needs. All you need to do is notify yor primary care phsicians as soon as possible after.

Well, there was one across from the Anaheim A's stadium about 10 minutes away, so we all headed over there. I was in line with 6 people awaiting drug tests. Since I was urgent care, I was bumped to the top of the list and seen by a surgeon who wanted to get home quickly since he came in for a lacerated finger earlier. He did score points for ask if I was an Episcopal or Roman Catholic priest, rather than assuming Catholic. Then he asked if I knew former Father Cutie. Oy! It turns out his son-in-law is a Methodist minister and he liked that the fact that Episcopal clergy not only could marry, but could marry any human being. Apparently he's going to Hell with the rest of us if the protesters are right. :)

So, my throat is fire engine red, my lungs are clear, my glands slightly swollen. A prescription for a Z-pac for probably strep and I'm on my way. The co-pay will be billed to my home address so I'm not even poorer for experience.

After finding a CVS to fill the scrip, we head back to the hotel to change for the parks and get in exactly at the time we planned.

Since I wasn't in commando mode, Katie (!) took the lead. I had just taken a double dose of antibiotics on an empty stomach, so I was ordered to eat while they shopped. Lunch/Dinner was at the River Belle Terrace in Frontierland - a pulled pork sandwich with fruit salad, and a strawberry shortcake for dessert. Jim had a garden salad and cheesecake.

Leslie and Katie revisit Pirates of the Caribbean while we eat, then we joing up for the Haunted Mansion, and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Pooh has the best gift shop. Unlike WDW, where Pooh is highly visible, here, there it is tucked back in Critter Country so no one ever finds it. The gift shop has a great candy section, and pretty good merchandise. So, we deciced to use Jim's brithday gift card here on a pith-helmet Eeyore and pith-helmet Pooh to join our pith-helmet Tigger at home. We also picked up a couple of pins, and a new Mickey coffee mug for Jim.

Then, Leslie decided she really needed that "fresh from the microwave" flavor of Disney Pizza, so the closest place to find cheesy dough was at Pinocchio's Village Haus in Fantasyland. After we were seated, I continued my new klutzy tradition and upended my hot tea all over Jim. No scalding took place. Our first day here, I upended my diet coke all over Leslie, so I guess it's Katie's turn next.

While getting my refill of tea, I had a Disney moment. Two Arab kids (language, complexion, t-shirt), were ordering a kids meal to share - they were about 8 or 9 and the older one knew enough English to interpret for the younger one). However, after they ordered, they left - instead of going to the counter to wait for delivery. Their number came up right before mine - I recognized their order and told the server to hold a sec while I soped out the seating area for them. I found them and gestured for them to get their food. They were happy, the server was pleased, and I had hot tea so my throat was happy. Actually, the two kids reminded me of the novel the Kite Flyer.

After dinner, we went to Snow White's Scary Adventures with its abrupt ending (witch pushed off cliff, "and they all lived happily ever after." Yet, Snow White is still in her deep sleep without her Prince? Hmm. Fractured Fairy Tale). Then Jim and I rode the Tea Cups, which are really fun on antibiotics! Alice in Wonderland dark ride, and a massive search for more water to soothe my throat as we make our way to check in for the Fantasmic Dessert Package.

After our seats were assigned, we had enough time for another ride-through at the Haunted Mansion - it's really fun after dark, with slightly moodier cast members and screamier guests. Then, back to be seated for the show.

The Fantasmic Dessert Package is reserved seating for a cost in a prime viewing area along the Rivers of America in New Orleans Square. People campt out for the show as much as 4 hours ealier, so it's worth spending the money if you want at least one stress-free experience of watching Disney's best night time show ever. We're seated 30 minutes before show time, and given drinks of choice (hot chocolate for me as hot beverages really soothe the throad), and tehn a pre-packaged dessert box that Jim calls Bento Dessert. It's a mix of sweets, cheese, crackers, cookies, and fruit and way too much to eat in one seating so we have yummies in the hotel room.

After the show (which Katie and Leslie both pronounced excellent), we were allowed to stay in our seats for the fireworks. While they are focused on the castle (which you can't see from our vantage piont), this particular story isn't so castle dependent so it was a pretty good vantage point.

Afterward, we ambled out along with 30,000 other people and caught our shuttle back to the resort. It wasn't lung before I was off to sleep.

All things considered, it was a good Disney day.

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Susan Yates said...

Glad you took care of that painful throat and that it didn't cut into your day too much.

I usually demure a bit when I'm asked which is better--a particular something at Disneyland or its counterpart at WDW. Mostly I don't want to take anything away from someone who is likely only going to experience one place or the other. (I'll be more opinionated with someone I knows goes to both CA and FL.) As you said, Dirk, an attraction can be a little different (or very) from park to park and different doesn't neccessarily mean one is better or worse. HOWEVER, in the case of Fantasmic, it's very hard for me not to speak up for my favorite version--Disneyland's. Far and away better. Though I won't be seeing it this summer it makes me happy to know that you, Jim, and your friends did.