Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OK - So Here's The Plan

When the Episcopal Church announced that our triennial General Convention would meet this year in Anaheim, Jim and I knew that there would be a trip to Disneyland and we knew that our colleague Leslie and friend Katie would tag along.

So, at 5:15 am tomorrow morning, Super Shuttle will pick us up in Arlington, VA and take us to Dulles for our JetBlue flights to Long Beach. We booked these months and months ago, taking advantage of credits received for a super-late departure of our January flights to WDW, and we have the Even More Legroom seats so it should be a comfy flight - what with 30 channels of Direct TV and 100 channels of XM satellite radio. Who needs a window to look out?

We're staying at the Candy Cane Inn - a rather kitschy sounding name for a highly regarded boutique motel right outside the entrance to Disneyland and across the street from the Anaheim convention center and General Convention. With free expanded continental breakfast around the pool and a short walk to the Disneyland entrance, what could be better?

We hope to meet our friend Valerie, coming down from Stockton for General Convention, for dinner tomorrow evening at Ralph Brennen's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. They are family owned and the food is still based on family recipes. Yummy!

We'll celebrate Jim's birthday Thursday at Disneyland with lunch at the Blue Bayou restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The rest of the time will be spent bouncing back and forth between General Convention and Mickey. Of course, with GC charging $30 for a day pass, we're likely to spend more time with Mickey. :)

Then, we split off from Katie and Leslie and head to Bakersfield to see friends and family in Taft, Corcoran, and Bakersfield, and then up to San Francisco to see Dirk's brother and catch up with a friend from Corcoran who wasn't in Corcoran but will be in San Francisco.

Well, that's the plan. Stay tuned for photos, food descriptions, and more!

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