Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch at Blue Bayou

My computer connection in the hotel room is virtually nonexistent, so
I'm going to be limited to brief updates from the iPhone until the
hotel fixes it.

OK, after the subs we saved the universe from the Evil Emperor Zurg on
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and then introduced Leslie to the
marvel that is Disneyland's Space Mohntain. I'm sure Paris' is best
but we only know Orlando's version. Anyway, it was smooth, fast, and
sense altering. What more do you need?

We discovered the wait time for Pirates was only yen minutes so that
gave us time to enjoy the original classic before lunch. Katie and
Leslie pronounce it far superior to Orlando.

The Blue Bayou is Disneyland's best restaurant (for the park, not the
whole resort) and it's inside the Pirated attraction, inthe bayou
scene - hence the name.

They were able to seat us by the water with minimal wait so we think a
truck load of pixie dust was just delivered.

The started us off with crusty warm rolls reminiscent of German
broetchen or pretzel bread. Jim, Leslie, and Katie were determined to
go with the Monte Christo classic even if it would put them into a 5
hour stupor. Dirk thought he would be wise and go wig a pepper-crusted
steak that was very much like a prime rib. Alas, it was 20 ounces (or
so), which justified the price but wasn't practical. Dirk had
suggested to Jim that they just split a monte cristo but Jim looked at
him like he was Zurg's apprentice.

We were all given a slightly spicy and reasonably sized cup of gumbo,
though Jim opted for a salad. All dishes had the same sides of Blue
Bayou potatoes (basically an au gratin) and a vegetable mealy of white
asparagus and broccoli rabe. The cristos came with a raspberry jam for
dipping, as well.

We skipped the desserts but they brought out a chocolate mousse in
honor of Jim's birthday that we all split for that sweet ending we
believe every meal needs.

Afterward, we waddled to the New Orleans Square train depot and picked
up a train to Main Street. We missed the 2:15 shuttle home so we
hoofed it back rather than wait 30 minutes for the next one.

An afternoon of snoozing should prepare us for an evening of
fireworks. So far, the natal feast of James of Ewing ( do dubbed by a
classmate of Dirk's in honor of Jm'd birthday) has been pretty amazing!


Susan Yates said...

Excellent Birthday celebration. It all sounds just perfect. I trust the evening and the fireworks matched the rest of the day. Many happy returns of the day, Jim.

Dirk, you're doing an admirable job, posting on the run, but remember your first responsibility on a Disney vacation is to have fun. So, if it comes to a choice between having fun and telling us what you're doing, have the fun, then tell us about it later.

Loren said...

Susan - for Dirk, telling us is PART of the fun! :)

WDW's Space Mountain is being updated right now, so hopefully it'll be even better than Disneyland's!

P.S. I'm totally jealous you didn't take me with you.

P.P.S.'s General Convention? :)