Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Settled

The Long Beach airport (LGB in IATA speak) does look kinda cool, though it feels like you stepped back into the 1950s. Modern bus terminals are glitzier than this - but it was all easy to negotiate.

The front view of the airport. It's Jetblue's West Coast hub, but limited to 41 daily flights for noise and neighborhood reasons. B6 (JetBlue in IATA code), has maxed out its slots and will have to expand to other regional airports. Still, it's much easier getting in and out than LAX would be, and it's a little closer than Orange County.

My first sighting of California vegetation in the LGB parking lot.

Our plane dwarfing the baggage claim area and coffee kiosk (really the only vendor at the airport!). All of this is a little freaky because we will have a 2 hour layover for our connecting flight from SFO (San Francisco) to IAD (Dulles).
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