Friday, January 9, 2009

We're still here! Well, not really . . .

We've kept up with Disney fun, but with the the usual twist. Jim's regular travel cold finally hit, but hit with a vengeance so we've been slightly off schedule. More details will follow, but . . .

Tuesday began with breakfast at Boma, a lodge morning for laundry, and then left the room with the intention of going to Epcot but decided to go to the Magic Kingdom by the time we got to the bust stop. More planning on the fly! We covered what we wanted to do, with the exception of Splash Mountain, which is down for refurb, and Space Mountain, which is in such bad need of a refurb we don't minding waiting (especially since we love the Disneyland version).

The magical moment was exiting the Peter Pan attraction at precisely 8:00 (Park closing) and hearing the music for the fireworks begin. We watched them, with about 30 other people, from Fantasyland. It was amazing - not how the show was designed to be seen at all, but the fireworks are shot off all around you and you are literally in the middle of them.

We made it to Epcot just before Noon and again covered our desired territory. We ate dinner at Rose & Crown, with Collin as our server. He was from Wick, Scotland and was excellent. Jim began with the creamy pea soup appetizer with bacon and sour cream, followed by Scottish salmon with a potato pancake. Both were excellent. I had the potato-leek soup, followed by the lamb with barbecure sauce over a chedder potato au gratin and a shandy to drink. The barbecue sauce complimented the lamb surprisingly well and the potatoes were excellent. It was the lamb's last night on the menu so I think they sent it out with an extra flourish. I couldn't help but notice the increasing influence of the Indian sub-continent on the traditional British menu at the Rose and Crown. :) Samosas and curries, oh my!!

It had been a rough day for Jim given his lack of sleep so we headed out before Illuminations so we could enjoy the resort a little before bed. Our viewing of Illuminations really was perfect on Monday night, so we knew we wouldn't have it any better anyway.

Thursday, our last full day, began with opening Disney's Hollywood Studios for another couple of spins on Toy Story Mania and a must-see visit to Muppetvision 3-D. Even though it's the oldest 3-D movie for the parks, right now, I still think it's the best.

After a little shopping, we took the bus to Animal Kingdom and rode Expedition: Everest on standby, had lunch (not recommended) at the Yak & Yeti counter window, strolled through Majarajah Jungle Trek to see a suprrisingly active Komodo Dragon and fairly active tigers, followed by another spin on Expedition:Everest. We then shoppped a little and visited Rafiki's Planet Watch. Nothing much was going on since the animal exams are done in the morning, but it was our first visit there in several years so it was a nice change of pace.

We met JimP, his wife Debbie and daughter Kim from for drinks at Victoria Falls Lounge and then had a light dinner (our first) from Mara, the quick-service restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

So, we're packed. The bags are checked-in through the Resort Airline Check-in Service, and the Owner's Locker is on its way back to its undisclosed secure location to wait for our next visit. We're enjoying fresh baked muffins and our beloved Disney yougurt parfaits before we get the car and head back to the airport. So far, flight home seems to be on time. It would be . . . :(

I'll have reviews of the lodges, and dining and a few more posts as we wind down from the trip.

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