Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rundown of Saturday, Jan 3

We're having an awful lot of fun, so the posts are going to likely be briefer.

Anyway, here's a recap of Saturday.

Finally, a full night's sleep so we woke refreshed. I took some photos of the pool area, and then we had breakfast - again sharing a yogurt parfait from Starbucks we picked up at the Airport on Thursday and a Pop Tart. David & Sommer were meeting family in the Animal Kingdom and invited us to catch up with them.

We checked out the World of Disney store for a couple of short sleeve shirts (it WAS supposed to be cooler down here when we packed), and then we met them for lunch at Rainforest Cafe at the Animal Kingdom - another new experience for us. We were full enough that Jim and I each had soup and split the quesedilla appetizer. It wasn't bad, and we had some good conversation so it was 3:00 before we knew it.

After lunch, we each went our separate ways. We wanted to watch the parade and walk the animal treks and they wanted to see shows. Our initial plan was to then head out to Epcot and mosey through some of the shops in the World Showcase while waiting for Illuminations, but on the way over, Jim said, "You know, a resort night would not be a bad thing." I decided to not argue, so we went back to Saratoga Springs, parked and walked over to Downtown Disney to pick up salads from Earl of Sandwich and check the Pin Station.

I found a series of monorail pains, in which each pin is a car of the monorail with a Disney character on top. I've tracked down the 3 middle cars and the rear car, but haven't found the front car yet. Well, 5 days to go.

After eating our salads on the patio of our room, we took a dip in the pool, tried out the hot tub and then crawled into bed and caught up on some of the world events on CNN before falling asleep.

It was again a good day, but showing that this trip is virtually plan free - with us just doing a little bit here or there as our fancy catches us. Oddly enough, I think we'll still get it all in this trip even by being so spontaneous in our touring.

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