Monday, January 5, 2009

Recap of Monday, January 5

Just some brief notes - more details will follow.

Up and out at 8:00 to catch the bus to Disney Studios. Bus trasnportation has slowed down dramatically at Animal Kingdom Lodge/Villas. We use to wait about 10 minutes max. Today, during peak travel time, we waited 25 minutes. Finally, 2 buses pulled up at the same time, and we go to Studios in time for rope drop.

Grabbed a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania (return at 9:50) and rode standby (10 minutes). Great attraction! Standby up to 40 minutes when we got off (9:20) and Fastpass up to 2:00 pm return already. Wow. Jim outscored me, which made him happy.

Rode Rock 'N Rollercoaster (always fun) and then Tower of Terror before heading back for our Fastpass return for a second run on Toy Story Mania. Then, a tour of the Great Movie Ride followed by lunch at the Studio Catering Company. We had considered returning to the room for a relaxing afternoon, but our stamina was great and we accomplished a lot by 12:15, so we decided to catch a friendship launch to Epcot and just keep going.

Once in Epcot, we decided to stay until closing. See, we really have been making it up as we go along this trip. First, we hung out with Marry Poppins in England, followed by some cavorting with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger. Disney's Photopass photog snagged those photos, so it will take ma while to get them up. :(

Jim again enjoyed a Beverly break at Club Cool. Obviously, it's an apertif and supposed to taste bitter, but it is still the most unexpected Coke flavor ever. Jim wishes we could import it, though! We kept moseying on until we got to Spaceship Earth, and then through Innoventions.

Two new attractions were a lot of fun. One is based on learning bout recycling. The other was a simulation of a home in hurricane hosted by Jim's hero Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, which taught us about propery building techniques to withstand strong storms.

Jim is pushing his Waste Management truck
as we go from station to station to learn about recycling technology.

We foolishly decided to wait 40 minutes in the standby line for Mission: Space, but the centrifugal force of the "orange" version (higher risk of protein spill) pushed my back into alignment. Then, on to World Showcase for dinner at Tangierine Cafe in Morocco and shopping. We were looking for napkin rings and small vases. None were to be found in all of the World Showcase pavilions. Oh well.

We found the ideal spot for viewing Illuminations after standing next to two rather chatty woman who drove me nuts. I bailed on Jim and then sent him a rescue call when I discovered our location was available. I'm afraid the location has to remain a secret.

Again, an interesting bus trek on the way home. An able-bodied woman in her late 50s decided to cut in front of a girl in a wheelchair in the bus queue. The women insisted she did nothing wrong, but the whole line called her on it and shamed her mercilessly until she relented and let the girl in the wheelchair through. We were right in front of the girl's family and were furious with the woman for cutting in. Good grief. Anyway, the girl got on the bus with her family and the line-cutter was forced to wait for another and endure the smouldering rage of her highly embarrassed teenage children. Yet another case of parents needing to be raised by their children (I've seen that a lot at Disney).

So, home by 10:30 after opening Disney's Hollywood Studios and closing Epcot. Tomorrow will bring laundry, breakfast at Boma, pool, and whatever park catches our fancy.

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