Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Day, New Year, New Plan

Happy New Year!

Yes, we're still going to Disney. However, JetBlue called to say they will be an hour late, and dinner plans have all been re-worked.

Instead of our progressive MK resort dinner at Citrico's, Artist Point, and California Grill (see previous post), we're dining at Disney's (and Central Florida's) only 5 diamond restaurant - Victoria & Albert's.

It well definitely be our splurge of the trip, but we all need it. Sommer & David have had a rough couple of months, and this is my reward for knee surgery, stress fracture in my foot and - in the last 4 days: a diet coke spill on my beloved Macbook Pro and the bank losing my paycheck. Yes - I'm ready for vacation!!

Anyway, V&A offers a 6 course personalized menu with wine pairings. Our seating is at 9:30 pm and dinner will probably take about 2 hours. This will give us time to check-in, relax a bit, then head to the Magic Kingdom to activate our annual passes and peak at the Christmas decor on Main Street and the Castle before heading over to dinner.

It's 19 degrees in Trenton as I write. It will be 81 in Florida by Monday. Yes - it's time to get away!!

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