Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Day Thus Far

We've learned flexibility is the key for us at Disney. Since I've been anointed the Uberplanner yet am also chided for my Prussian ways, it's been a good growth experience for me. ;)

So, yes, today's plans have changed. It was to be Typhoon Lagoon followed by Epcot with dinner at Teppan Edo in Japan. However, Typhoon Lagoon was so wonderful, we didn't break away until almost 5:00. Thus, tonight's plan is now to get cleaned up and take the boat from Port Orleans - Riverside to Downtown Disney for shopping and whatever food we can pick up. It's Friday, so all ressies are long gone, but Raglan Road Irish Pub says there's still hope with walk-ups. We'll see. I've also wanted to try Earl of Sandwich, so I can be flexible. Really. Honest.

They payback is that Sunday in the MK after Tea at the Grand Floridian has been replaced with Sunday at Epcot after Tea at the Grand Floridian. Jim has to have Illuminations! (And I do, too.) We'll be losing Spectromagic parade for the trip, but we'll still get Wishes later in the week.

Typhoon Lagoon was wonderful - temps were high 80s with virtually no humidity, so you dry off in a reasonable time. After grabbing a nice location for our stuff in a shady area, we hit the wave pool - world's largest when first built and still pretty big. The six footers run every 90 seconds for 30 minutes, followed by rapid 2 footers for 30 minutes. We decided we like the smaller ones for bobbing around better. Water was chilly, but we got used to it quickly enough.

Then, when Jim finally acclimated after a 30 minute progression, Leslie, Katie, and I made our way to the Lazy River for two full circuits. Can we say relaxing? Not too crowded, either. Katie and I visited the shark reef for snorkling while Leslie watched. She thinks salt water is slimey so she wouldn't go near it. It was fun snorkling over the nurse sharks, but nothing to write home about. The provided goggles and snorkel were excellent, though.

We bumped into Jim at lunch time (good timing, eh?) only to find he had been continuously bobbing in the wave pool for almost 2 hours and was nearly mistaken by Del Monte for a prune! We had the usual healthy fair of hot dogs, barbecue pork sandwiches, fries and soda (However, still no Disney burger even on Day 3 of Disney) and then headed back to the chairs.

We read while Katie napped. Leslie, Jim, and I then took our two circuits on the lazy river while making sure Leslie hit every water gun and waterfall in sight. As Jim says, "Have you met my demon?" as he laughs maniacally! We then got back to the chairs as Katie still napped. At that point, I knew the energy was gone for Epcot because the sun was baking us and we weren't ready to go (still needed more wave pool action), so we made our adjustments. Then, Leslie and I hit the wave pool while Jim and Katie did the lazy river.

We thought they needed bonding time together. As Leslie says, "Yep. Bonding time for the two of them is going around twice together and not saying a word to each other." And so it was. Only Jim can turn the frenzy of a water park into a zen like meditative state. It's the water that does it.

We left at 5, and are now cleaning up for the evening shopping and food. Maybe a few pictures of the boat ride in the late afternoon sun as we cruise pass French Quarter, Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs.




Susan Yates said...

Disney done right! Have a plan, but adjust as mood and circumstance dictate. Best way to maximize the fun, I think.

I'm chuckling thinking of Jim bobbing in the wave pool for two hours. Sounds like an hypnotic trance to me. See if you can get him to cluck like a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dirk, I a MO friend NYDVC.

I really love that you wrote home to say
"It was fun snorkling over the nurse sharks, but nothing to write home about."


love the report. glad your having a great trip.


Danny and Jackie said...

yeah those nurse sharks, so common here in lancashire I wouldnt even bother ;)

Can't wait for more pics...