Saturday, May 3, 2008

For the Foodies

Last night's dinner at Raglan Road began with appetizers:

The Dalkey Duo, which is a sausage wrapped in dalkey batter and dipped in a mustard sauce
And Forest of Scallops - fried scallops wrapped in bacon and speared on a forest of forks, with a tartar sauce.

I had a Penfold Cab/Shiraz blend. Jim had diet coke. Leslie had iced tea. Katie had hard cider.


I had a modern take on bangers and mash with a drop of Guiness stew added in, with a creamed corn side dish. All very good. The creamed corn side dish was HEAVY with cream, which is the point, but it also had a garlicky tartness that was interesting.

Jim had the "It's not chowder" chowder, which he loved.

Leslie had the Paddy's Pork. It wasn't her favorite - a little dry, but the sauce was wonderful. She also had creamed corn.

Katie enjoyed the "Salmon of Knowledge", fresh salmon fillet topped with smoked salmon, baked and served with a maple.

We were tempted by dessert, but too full to really worry about it at the moment. So we strolled through World of Disney and made a couple of small purchases followed by a stop at Ghiradelli. The soda fountain side was still closed for refurb (hopefully opens Monday), but the ever most important chocolate side was open, and sampling a new Ghiradelli milk chocolate/peanut butter blend. Yep, I found dessert!

The boat ride between Port Orleans and Downtown Disney was a lot of fun. Taking it in the late afternoon when the sun is low, but still hasn't set, creates a beautiful atmosphere and puts the scenery in its best lighting. On the way back, in the dark, there are parts of the river where you feel like you are 10,000 miles from civilization. It is so peaceful and relaxing.

The boat pilot did drop a little bomb shell of a rumor when he reported that the Tree House Villas were not only being torn down and rebuilt (that was already known), but he said that they would also become part of the Disney Vacation Club. That was the first time I've heard a living person rather than DVC chat-board screen name ponder such a rumor. Interesting .. . .


Susan Yates said...

This foodie thanks you.

Danny and Jackie said...

And this foodie is about to raid the cupboard for breakfast.

erin said...

And this foodie plus Irish-o-phile especially loved this post! Raglan Road Rocks!