Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Expedition Everest

Our day starts with a visit tobtje Forbidden Mountain. What a way to
celebrate the 15th anniversary of our first date!!


Danny and Jackie said...

Congratulations.. Can't think of a better way myself.

Susan Yates said...

Well, there's no doubt--you're blogging on the fly! ". . . 'tobtje' Forbidden Mountain" now goes on the growing list of creative and amusing misspellings joining new favorites like the Sci Go Dine-in and your own special spelling of Animal Kingdom. When you're writing the full trip report later, maybe you could include a glossery of Dirk-isms.
Congratulations on 15 years of being together and having fun.

Susan Yates said...

Just because I found a minute to check the blog and didn't find a new entry, I took that minute to look up "tobtje"--just in case there was such a word! It seems there are 5 mentions of it on the entire WWW, yours being the first. Congratulations. Most of the other hits were in non-English languages, so maybe you were showing us your multi-language prowess.