Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinner at Jiko

Clearly I'm having too much fun vacationing to be too attached to the computer!

Tuesday night we had our 15th anniversary dinner at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was amazing.

We had two flatbread appetizers, a cheese plate with 5 different kinds of cheese from goat or sheep, and corn/sweet potato souffle mix. All were delicious, though Leslie and Katie each liked the cheeses the other didn't like. With a new chef, they've changed some of the dishes around - and the flatbreads show more variations as a result. Tuesday night's was an artichoke feta combination with a few other tasty treats woven in. The chefs get to design a new flatbread every week, and we had this week's choice.

I had an asparagus soup with pistachio nuts and Jim had the cucumber, tomato, red onion salad. Both were great.

Entrees included two order of Chermoulah chicken, one pork tenderloin, and one filet. The chicken has been redone a bit, as has the pork. I've had the chicken before and like both versions. The pork was tender, medium rare, and well spiced. It was served with vegetables and yukon gold roasted potatoes. Having had pork now from both Citrico's and Jiko, I like both but for different reasons Definitely a difference between Mediterranean and African/Indian influences.

The filet came with the usual macaroni and cheese made from Jiko's signature blend of asiago, fontina, gruyere, and provolone. Yummy as usual.

We were treated to a pistachio chocolate creme brulee for our anniversary offering and then we ordered the year of a million dreams specialty dessert, which was basically a white chocolate moussee on a bit of a pound cake.

With dinner, we enjoyed a bottle Warwick pinotage 2005. Oh, and I had my first martini ever before dinner. Jim's favorite blend, which he enjoyed vicariously since he no longer drinks alochol: Tanquerey Martini straight up with a twist. I'm now officially in the martini club.

Our server was great, but a little slow sometimes. She knew her stuff and knew we cared about good food and wine, so she helped us tremendously. A 3 hour dinner, which gave everything time to digest before the next course came on!!


SusanEllen said...

Love the giraffe photos. They'd make a great Valentine.

Terrific food review of what sounded like a terrific meal. What a guy you are, Dirk--drinking a martini for Jim.

Danny and Jackie said...

Yummy food review.. My mouths watering.