Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summing up the Day

We had a good day, but a rough beginning. The FAA hold in Philly got us in 30 minutes late. Magical Express had a bus delay problem, so it took us another 25 minutes to board the shuttle to Disney. Port Orleans decided our request for Alligator Bayou was meaningless because we aren't a party of five, and the first CM treated Leslie with much disdain for even requesting AB.

When I got there, I pointed out that no one told us AB was reserved for large families when we made our reservation requests, and we chose Port Orleans Riverside precisely because of the AB. Well, the new CM bent over backwards and got us really great rooms in AB, so we're happy and found some real CM magic. Not only are we near each other, but in connecting rooms!

Depsite all of this, we were only 20 minutes late to Whispering Canyon. We chose the barbecue skillet all the way around because we each needed protein having not eaten for 8 hours.

Took the boat to MK, which Katie decided was the only way to arrive at MK. Mosied up Main Street, saw the Dapper Dans, had our photo taken (see previous post), then went to Monster's Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club, Buzz Lightyear, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and Haunted Mansion. Monster's Inc used a joke Leslie texted in, so we were proud!

After some shopping, we headed back to Port Orleans, settled into our rooms and then Katie went to the pool while Leslie joined us for dinner. Now, time for much needed rest. Good night.


Danny and Jackie said...

Sounds like your settling right in and after the little hiccup everything is now running magicaly for you. Have fun today.

Debbie Churchill said...

It's good to hear that at least one CM is entering into the spirit of "A Year of a Million Dreams".